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“For a democracy to function it is vital the general public are in a position of understanding. It is my hope that the articles are seen and shared to help educate everyone on ‘Real Life events that directly effect the future.” Oliver Wootton

Through these articles, complex situations become understandable, barriers are broken down and the complexities of Law and Politics can entertain the world. My name is Oliver Wootton (LLB hons) and I am just about to complete my LLM (Masters in Law). Please see below for a list of our authors…

Contributor – Hemant Chauhan:

I am an LLB Graduate from BPP University Law School, Birmingham. I am currently working as a full-time Paralegal in a Personal Injury firm, and reading for a specialist LLM in International Business Law. My interests lie in academic, scholarly work that pertains to a wide area of legal and economic issues.

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