Question Time, Political Debate Shows….A waste of time?

Author - Hemant Chauhan The general public have been conveyed with political talk shows for a long time.  Certainly, shows such as BBC Question Time, Prime Minister’s questions, Sunday Politics, The Andrew Marr Show, etc. have portrayed a type of ‘political correctness’, rather than putting forth issues that do not have a rational solution to … Continue reading Question Time, Political Debate Shows….A waste of time?

Banking Regulation…A U-turn for Trump! 

Author - Hemant Chauhan President Trump’s first 100 days has proved rather entertaining for the media, in the public domain.  Certainly his statements and political decisions have proved controversial, perhaps without any rationality behind doing so.  The 45th President now desires a reform in banking regulation, and has proposed a “haircut on Dodd-Frank”.  This undermines … Continue reading Banking Regulation…A U-turn for Trump!